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"Imagining new worlds through
the art of improvisation and composition"

Adrián Moncada is a pianist, composer and improviser from Madrid (Spain), currently living in Amsterdam. 


Born in 1994, he got first exposed into music through his first classical violin lessons age of 4. He later changed to piano when he was 8. Thanks to the influence of his father he always kept his ears open to wide variety of styles of music. By the age of 14 he first began to get interested into jazz music because of the improvisational aspect of it, hearing recordings from Keith Jarrett and Ahmad Jamal.


It wasn't till he was 16 that he got formal jazz education in the “Escuela de Música Creativa”. He received lessons from the maestros Germán Kucich and Andrés Alén, who introduced him also into contemporary classical music. 


At this point, he decided to become a musician and pursue his career in music abroad moving to the Netherlands in 2014, and graduated Cum Laude from the jazz performance program at CvA in 2020. During his time in NL he received lessons and masterclassesfrom musicians like Brad Mehldau, Gerald Clayton, Harmen Fraanje, Rob van Bavel, Karel Boehlee and Franz von Chossy.


Throughout the years he has participated in various prestigious competitions such as: Keep an Eye Competition, Dutch Jazz Competition Finals, Princess Christina Concours, Leiden Jazz Award, Talavera de la Reina jazz competition,.. and played in the most important venues in Holland: Bimhuis, Lantarenvenstern, North Sea jazz, De twee Spiegels, Murphy’s Law, De doelen, Rotterdam Schouwburg, Breda jazz festival, Uitmarkt festival, Meer jazz; Portugal: Hot club Portugal, Cascais Jazz Club, Meo Out Jazz; and Spain: Nova jazz Cava, Bogui jazz, Manresa jazz festival, Jamboree Jazz,... 


His main projects are: Adrián Moncada 6tet, with which he is released his debut album in March 2021, Garden Crack with whom he released his second album "Lapis Lazuli" featuring Michael Moore and the folkloric reinventions of the duo "Rebolada", together with singer Irene Sorozábal. These bands serve as a laboratory of his own ideas and compositions.


In addition to his own projects, he is a sought after piano player as a sideman in some of the upcoming young bands in the Netherlands, such as: Liquid Identities, Noneto Desconcertante, Garden Crack with Michael Moore, Marta Arpini Pocket Orchestra, Chai Masters, Siebren Smink's "Areia" and Irene Sorozábal's K U R K U M A.


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