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Music Teaching 

Would you like to learn piano or improve your understanding of music? Look no further!

I am a piano teacher that is passionate about helping my students reach their musical goals and to nurture their understanding of music, all while enjoying the process.


About me:

My name is Adrian and I am a Spanish piano player and composer residing in Amsterdam.
I center my actvites around playing my own music as well as in other bands, performing in various venues and festvals around the Netherlands and Europe. I have a Bachelor Degree and Master Degree in Jazz piano performance from the Conservatory of Amsterdam.

Besides performing I have been teaching students of all age groups since 2014. I teach diferent styles and levels both in music schools and privately.

Having loved and studied music all my life, I appreciate passing on the knowledge and passion I have for music to my students. During a tme when we get most of our knowledge from the internet, I have found that face-to-face lessons are a far more efcient and valuable way to study music. A lesson isn’t only a transacton of informaton, but also a source of inspiraton and joy. I see my role as helping the students by giving them tools to digest and organize informaton as well as giving them autonomy to contnue the studying process by themselves.


Some of the subjects we could cover during the lessons: 

  • Piano/keyboards in any style (pop, rock, classical, jazz,...) 

  • Compositon/Arranging/Songwritng

  • Music theory

  • Modern harmony

  • Technique

  • Ear training

  • Producing (Logic, Pro Tools)

  • Digital music notaton (Sibelius)

  • Band coaching

  • Practce routne 

  • Preparaton for entrance exams for Jazz and Pop Conservatories

In our frst trial lesson we will talk about your musical interests, background and goals, in order to take acton in designing a lesson that will be tailor-made for your specifc needs.

Our lessons could take place at my home but I am also open for the possibility of teaching in the student’s home if that is more convenient.

I look forward to meet you and work with you soon!

For more information visit the page:

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