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"O God! I could be bounded in a nutshell, and count myself a King of infinite space..."
Hamlet, II, 2

Garden Crack picture 1.jpg

“Garden Crack” is an Amsterdam based band, that put out its release album this fall 2019. This group is a seemingly classic piano trio but made of unorthodox forward thinking musicians: Omer Govreen (double bass), Nino Baleyte (drums) and Adrian Moncada (piano).

Omer and Adrian met in Amsterdam in 2016. Ever since they had their first conversation they knew they were kindred spirits and that they would collaborate together. But it wasn’t till they meet Nino in 2018 that they decided to put Garden Crack together.

The name of their last album: “Aleph”, is a reference to the infinite microcosmos from the short story of the Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges. Their interest in creating musical textures resembles Borges literature, creating sonic labyrinths, spirals, streams and eddies.


Available for purchase in Bandcamp:

Garden Crack + Michael Moore @Roze Tanker
The 25-09-2020 we had a beautiful concert in Roze Tanker together with one of my heroes from the Amsterdam scene: Michael Moore. Here are some pictures from the evening.
Aleph album cover.jpg
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