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IRENE sorozábal- voice

Adrián Moncada -Piano

Rebolada is a voice and piano duo which presents a deconstruction of traditional Spanish cultural influences through a contemporary prism. Sounds and echoes of folkloric dances are intertwined with jazz harmonies and the surprising quality of free improvisation.


This Netherlands-based duo met during their studies at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Adrián studied jazz and Irene studied recorder and historical singing. Their goal is to construct a cultural identity that embraces both the characteristics of our day and age and the moral of the stories coming out of the symbolism of folklore.

Rebolada is the name of the first morning performance in a Castilian festivity.This project is in itself a sort of awakening; the rise of a forgotten folklore that leads the way into a personal and contemporary folklore.

The new album “Tales of the uprooted” speaks to the experience of leaving a home to build another elsewhere. It expresses a yearning for a sense of belonging through a playful curiosity for tradition. Rebolada converses with a past which arrives to us in the simultaneously simple and cryptic language of folklore. Singer Irene Sorozábal and pianist Adrián Moncada engage in a dance which strives to reconcile the rigid structures of tradition with the fluidity of memory. A stork, a snake, mortar and tambourine resounding in an ample landscape and grandmothers who can see much more than anyone else coexist with a mower who operates on its own and a machine which decides to stop and follow its own dance. The album will be coming out in September 2024 with the label "Habitable Records".

Rebolada performance during Encuentro 6 in Splendor Amsterdam:
Rebolada plays "Ronda" in Encuentro 6 in Splendor, Amsterdam

Rebolada plays "Ronda" in Encuentro 6 in Splendor, Amsterdam

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IRENE sorozábal

Adrián Moncada is an Amsterdam based pianist and composer originally from Madrid, Spain. He started this studies in the Netherlands in 2014, and graduated Cum Laude from the jazz performance program at CvA in 2020. During his time in NL he received lessons and masterclasses from musicians like Brad Mehldau, Gerald Clayton, Harmen Fraanje, Rob van Bavel, Karel Boehlee and Franz von Chossy.

He has participated in various prestigious competitions such as: Keep an Eye The Records Competition, Dutch Jazz Competition, and Leiden Jazz Award

His main projects are: Adrián Moncada 6tet, with which he is released his debut album in March 2021, Garden Cracl (with 2 album releases) and Rebolada, together with singer Irene Sorozábal.

In addition to his own projects, he is a sought after piano player as a sideman in some of the upcoming young bands in the Netherlands, such as: Liquid Identities, Noneto Desconcertante, Garden Crack with Michael Moore, Marta Arpini Pocket Orchestra, Chai Masters, Irene Sorozábal K U R K U M A and REBOLADA.

More information about these bands and their recordings in:

Irene Sorozábal is a Spanish recorder player and mezzosoprano based in Amsterdam. She studies a master in Historical Singing with Xenia Meijer in the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. She obtained her Recorder Bachelor degree in the same conservatory in 2018 with Erik Bosgraaf. She attends masterclasses with Margreet Honig, Emma Kirkby, Rebecca Stewart and Harmen Fraanje among others.

Irene has performed Early Music, Classical and Contemporary music in festivals like Gaudeamus Muziekweek, Amsterdam Fringe Festival and Zürcher Theaterspektakel among others. She collaborates with ensembles like the Royal Wind Music, Nieuwe Philarmonie Utrecht and Musica Temprana.

Her artistic creation is enriched by other performing disciplines like dance, improvisation and theatre which Irene integrates in her work through collaborations with creators like Rubber Bodies, Abhishek Thapar, Current Space and Moving Strings.

Adrián Moncada

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