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Adrián Moncada + Strings

"Adrián Moncada + Strings" is a project where tradition has a conversation with modernity. Using the classical chamber setting of piano with string quartet, combined with the influences of contemporary music and jazz, the ensemble brings compositions that explore soundscapes and textures, while being open to “miracles” in the moment by leaving space for improvisation.

The band got selected for the Expression of Art Award, in its 2020 edition, together with other four upcoming bands from the Amsterdam scene.

One of the main elements of the project is the idea of a nature that is treated respectfully. "Adrián Moncada + Strings" try with their music, to convey the message that the answer to resolve an environmental crisis is to go back to nature and regain the feeling of "awe" that we get to experience when we are exposed to it.

In this band, strings and wood resonate together: an artificial object made of natural materials.  Understanding the idea of wood, as nature resonating. 

The music Adrián Moncada writes for the project, reflects his care for details and an understanding of the string tradition without feeling restrained by it.

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