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   Adrián Moncada 6tet   

Moncada's first recording as a leader with his project “Adrián Moncada 6tet” draws inspiration from architecture and its connections to music.

Release 31st of March 2021

“A  musician not avoiding musical situations that take him out of his comfort zone” -Harmen Fraanje. 

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Inhabitable Imagination, is pianist Adrián Moncada's first recording as a leader with his project: Adrián Moncada 6tet. In this first recording, Moncada draws inspiration from his passion for architecture. Being an improviser and composer, he considers himself a musical architect. Where architecture's function is to serve as a platform for people's lives, the function of music is to serve as an container for people's minds. 

“I like to see the music I composed for this 6tet as liquid architecture” Moncada says. “An inhabitable platform for the expression of imagination through organized sound.” 

It features a repertoire of original songs that are influenced by contemporary jazz - a term that serves as an umbrella for a lot of music that combines the rhythm, improvisation, and intention of the jazz tradition with the eclecticism of the times that we are living in. The camaraderie they have developed when playing can be reflected in the trust they have in each other when taking musical risks on stage. At times highly structured and composed, and others freely improvised and loose, the music this band delivers never loses the thread of its narrative. 

“With architecture as my source of inspiration, I would like to invite the listeners into my musical mind willing to excite their imagination, showing them sonic spaces that can feel grandiose, minuscule, geometrically strict or loose.”

released March 31, 2021 

Adrián Moncada - piano and compositions 
José Soares - sax 
Federico Calcagno - bass clarinet 
Nick Thessalonikefs - drums 
Pedro Ivo Ferreira - double bass 
Alistair Payne - trumpet 

Recorded by Ido Zilberman at CvA Studio, Amsterdam on December 11th and 12th, 2019 

Edited, mixed and mastered by Ido Zilberman 

Album design by Camila Andino

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The Bearable Heaviness of BeingAdrián Moncada 6tet
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