Adrián Moncada 6tet   

“A  musician not avoiding musical situations that take him out of his comfort zone” -Harmen Fraanje. 


Music creates an abstract sound space that can be inhabited with big and small rooms, some crowded and bright, others empty and dark. Following this premise, Adrián Moncada (composer/pianist) invites the listeners into his musical mind willing to excite their imagination, showing them sonic spaces that can feel grandiose at times and miniscule and vulnerable at others.



Adrián Moncada 6tet was founded in 2019 in the city of Amsterdam. The band plays all original music from pianist and composer Adrián Moncada, together with some of the most individual and forward thinking musicians from the Amsterdam scene filling his musical architectonical visions with their own personality. On drums and bass there is the duo of Nick Thessalonikefs and Pedro Ivo Ferreira, which together with Adrián have been playing in the avant garde brazilian ensemble, Noneto Desconcertante. On the horn section Adrián asked Federico Calcagno (bass clarinet) and Jose Soares (alto saxophone) with whom he takes part in the band Liquid Identities. Last but not least, the fundamental drive on the trumpet of Alistair Payne was primordial in the assembling of this band, being one of the cutting edge musicians of the Amsterdam scene. They all met during the last 4 years while studying in the Conservatorium van Amsterdam in the Netherlands. 


The influence of the band is mainly contemporary jazz, a term that serves as an umbrella for a lot of music that tries to use the rhythm, improvisation, and intention of the jazz tradition but with the eclecticism of the times that we are living were identities are more fluid than ever. The camaraderie they have developed can be reflected in the trust they have in each other when it comes to take musical risks. At times highly structured and composed, and others freely improvised and loose, the music this band delivers shows that they don’t mind to be vulnerable in front of an audience as long as the thread of the story is not lost.

The band went into the studio in December 2019, and plan to be releasing their first album soon. Here are some pictures  from the recording session:

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